Our company operates as customs agency and offers all customs services. We have our representative offices in all border entries of Albania, be they ports, airports or land crossing borders, and also in all Albanian Customs Offices' branches.

Thus we have our representative offices in the ports of Durrës and Vlora, at the Mother Theresa (or Rinas) International Airport, at the border points of Hani Hotit, Morin, Qafë Thana, Kapshtica, Kakavia, and at the Regional Customs Offices in Tirana, Elbasan, Fier, etc.

So, with this presence, there will hardly be any problem we cannot solve! These custom services includes storage of commodities, custom clearance, documentation, authority procedures and banking. Our integrated range of custom clearance services helps us in saving time and energy and can be categorized as :

  • Customs clearance of import shipments (air & sea)
  • Customs clearance of export shipments (air & sea)